Bark LimiterG3 
No Bark Collar

Bark Limiter CollarBark Limiter CollarBark Limiter Collar
Bark Limiter CollarBark Limiter Collar
Bark Limiter CollarBark Limiter Collar
Bark Limiter CollarBark Limiter Collar
Bark Limiter CollarBark Limiter Collar
Bark Limiter Collar 

Fits up to 24" Neck Size 
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Newly Upgraded!

Introducing a completely upgraded Bark LimiterG3. The new Bark Limiter has been improved mechanically and electronically. It is more waterproof and rugged due to mechanical upgrades, bark detection sensitivity has been improved for more consistent operation, electronic changes have been made for more consistent levels of stimulation and improved battery life. In every way this is a superior new product, and best of all, no increase in price!

There are a number of no bark collars on the market. In my opinion the vast majority are ineffective and not worth the money charged for them. When it comes to electric collars I made a decision a long time ago that the ONLY collars Leerburg will sell are QUALITY PRODUCTS that WORK and PRODUCTS WE USE here at Leerburg Kennels. We use Tri Tronics bark limiters and that's what we sell.

We don't use citronella collars that spray citronella when the dogs bark and we don't sell bark collars that only make a noise when the dog barks. We don't use them or sell them because they don't work. They are are a joke. It is my opinion that the companies that sell them deceive potential customers with their bogus claims.

There are also many cheap no bark collars that are sold by pet food stores. I won't go into brand names here but I lump these collars with the spray and noise collars. Their quality is poor and they are ineffective.

When I use an electric collar on a dog I want it to be effective and I want it to work all the time and I want it to accomplish its job quickly. That's not what happens with these poor quality no bark collars.

It would be easy for Leerburg to become a dealer for all of these different companies. We could offer a big selection and sell all of their collars and when customers complained I could tell them that their dog is a harder dog and they need a collar that packs more of a punch - then sell the the Tri Tronics no bark collar. That's not how I have approached Leerburg dog training equipment.

The Tri-Tronics Bark LimiterG3 is much smaller, lighter and still the most effective and reliable bark collar on the market. It provides very gentle but persuasive control of excessive barking. The Bark LimiterG3 can be worn by even the smallest dog.

The Bark LimiterG3 dimensions are approximately 1.8" wide, 1" deep and 1" high, without contact points installed.

  • Waterproof, lightweight and durable

  • Designed for a comfortable and correct fit

  • 5 intensity levels – set instantly with a button

  • Easy to see light confirms on/off

  • Bark Odometer™ “counting feature” reports correction activity

  • Bark sensor is internal and protected from damage

  • Choice of contact point length to assure proper contact for short and long coats

  • Battery-saving “sleep mode”

  • One replaceable lithium battery (included) – battery will last a year in normal use

  • 30-day money-back guarantee / 1-year warranty

The collar is 1.8" wide x 1" deep x 1" high.

Product Instructions

Turning the Collar On. Press the switch next to the contact points. One light will double-flash. The collar is now on.

NOTE: To save battery life, the Bark Limiter has a motion detector inside it. The lights remain off (“sleep mode”) unless either motion or barking is detected.

Increasing Intensity. The Bark Limiter has five correction levels. The blinking light indicates the present level. To increase intensity, press and hold the switch until you see the next intensity light glow. Release the switch. After you release the switch, the light for the new level will flash, confirming your new setting.

Decreasing Intensity. When Level 5 is reached, the next intensity change will move the intensity back to Level 1. Increase the level until you reach the desired intensity.

Checking Intensity. To see what intensity is selected after the collar has been turned on, just move the collar. The light matching the selected intensity will begin blinking.

Delay Feature. The collar is not capable of making corrections for approximately 30 seconds after a turn-on or an intensity change.

Turning the Collar Off. The internal motion detector will turn the collar off automatically whenever it is not being moved. However minor movements will turn it on. You may wish to turn the collar off when not in use.

Press and hold the switch for about three seconds until you see the intensity light move up one level and then back to the original level. Release the button when the light has returned to the original level. The lights will sweep back and forth, confirming that the collar is off.

The intensity that was selected when you turned the collar off will be saved.

Bark Odometer. When you turn the Bark Limiter off, it will report the corrections that have occurred since the last time you turned it on. Immediately after you turn the unit off, the #3 light will flash one time to confirm turn-off. Then it will flash rapidly (one flash per detected bark). Based on the number of these rapid flashes, you know whether your dog needed a few corrections, a lot of corrections, or no corrections at all while you were away from home.

Fitting a Bark Limiter Properly. A Bark Limiter must be very snug to work properly and correct the dog consistently.

To locate the buckle in the best position for your dog’s neck size, you can adjust the strap by sliding it through the molded slots. You can substitute any other strap that will fit though the molded slots. If the strap is too long for your dog, you can cut off the excess. Not that if the strap is far too long for your dog, he can begin chewing it. Chewed straps are not covered by our warranty

If your dog has a very dense undercoat, install the “long” contact points. Use only the plastic wrench that comes with the replacement contact points. Turn the collar off before changing contact points.

Selecting Intensity. If your dog has never used a bark collar before, remember that a dog needs some experience to realize that his own bark causes the correction he feels. If your dog is not used to bark collars, start on the lowest intensity. If the dog continues to bark in his normal fashion for longer than 30 minutes, increase the intensity one level. If the dog alters the way he barks, this means he feels the correction. Give him a day’s experience with the collar to learn to respond by not barking. If he’s still barking after that, increase the level. If he overreacts to the correction, use a lower level.

Continue until you find the level that discourages your dog form barking. Remember that there will be a 30-second delay after changing the intensity before the collar will begin correcting.

Trouble-Shooting Guide.

The dog is still barking while wearing the Bark Limiter.

  • The collar may be turned off. Be sure the unit is on.
  • The collar is inactive for 30 seconds after turn-on or any intensity change. Wait for the collar to become active.
  • The collar isn’t tight enough. Tighten the collar strap.
  • The intensity isn’t high enough. Try the next level. Remember is takes 30 seconds after changing intensity for the collar to become active again.
  • The contact points aren’t making contact through the dog’s undercoat. Use the long contact points. Wiggle the unit on the dog’s neck to work the contact points through his coat.

The collar light isn’t blinking even though I turned the collar on.

  • It is normal of the light to stop blinking whenever the unit has not been moved. This is the battery-saving sleep mode.

The collar is blinking while it’s on the dog. Is it correcting him even when he isn’t barking?
-No. the blinking light just means that the collar is turned on.

I can’t get the collar to turn off or the intensity to change levels.
-Be sure to press and hold the switch firmly.

My dog’s skin is irritated where he has been wearing the bark collar. 
-Dogs with sensitive skin may experience skin irritation if they wear a bark collar too long at any one time, due to the mechanical pressure of the contact points. Do not use the bark collar until the irritation is cleared up. Also, do not use it for longer than 10 hours out of every 24 hours. If the dog gets wet while wearing a bark collar, the chance of irritation is increased. Using the short contact points will reduce the chance of skin irritation. Contact your veterinarian if the skin irritation is especially severe.

Product Safety. 
Clinical animal safety studies have been designed and conducted for Tri-Tronics by veterinarians and physiologists at a major university. The scientific studies tested for possible cardiopulmonary and epidermal effects of Tri-Tronics electrical stimulation applied to the ventral surface of the neck of healthy dogs. These studies showed that there were no clinically significant changes in electrocardiograms, blood pressures, or properties of the skin underlying the contact points.

The clinical investigations involved parameters of electrical stimulation (e.g., maximum output voltage, output impedance, current density, and repetition rate) that were basically the same as those of the Bark Limiter. The safety of the Bark Limiter is strongly supported by the scientific, clinical data.

To guard against skin irritation due to rubbing, inspect the dog’s neck at least once a day, especially in the early stages of use. The possibility that irritation will occur, although small, increases with the length of time the collar is on the dog.

NOTE: Even though Tri-Tronics products are safe, they are intended for use only on healthy dogs. It is always wise to have your dog checked by a veterinarian before any type of training

Service and Warranty. 
The Bark Limiter is covered by a one-year warranty on parts and labor. The warranty does not cover physical damage or abuse, or damage to the unit or to the collar strap caused by chewing.

The warranty is also void if the Bark Limiter has been altered or if unauthorized service work has been attempted. If you send your Bark Limiter in for repair, we may replace it with a reconditioned unit.

Call or email us before sending your Bark Limiter in for repair work.